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How To Cut Your Lavender On "U-Pick Day"

Before you get in the car, make sure you have comfortable shoes, sunscreen and your ticket/receipt for attendance. We encourage you to bring and wear your own mask and keep a 6-foot distance between you and your nearest neighbor picker. We have a 15 acre farm, so social-distancing should be easy. We will provide scissors and a rubber band, but you may use your own if you'd like.

There will be someone to show you how, but we thought a brief explanation before you arrive would be helpful. Deep inside the plant, you'll see the gray or "woody" part of the plant. Cut your stems leaving approx 2-3" of green (new growth) at the base of the plant. This will allow the plant to harden-off before winter. You can cut stems individually or by grabbing a handful (greenery and all).

You have purchased a bundle of lavender. We consider this about an inch in diameter-- what one person could hold with thumb and forefinger. Be generous with your design. Add different color blooms, stem lengths, and varieties to make it your own!