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How To Cut Your Lavender On "U-Pick Day"

Before you get in the car, make sure you have comfortable shoes, sunscreen and your ticket/receipt for attendance. We encourage you to bring and wear your own mask and keep a 6-foot distance between you and your nearest neighbor picker. We have a 15 acre farm, so social-distancing should be easy. We will provide scissors and a rubber band, but you may use your own if you'd like.

There will be someone to show you how, but we thought a brief explanation before you arrive would be helpful. Deep inside the plant, you'll see the gray or "woody" part of the plant. Cut your stems leaving approx 2-3" of green (new growth) at the base of the plant. This will allow the plant to harden-off before winter. You can cut stems individually or by grabbing a handful (greenery and all).

You have purchased a bundle of lavender. We consider this about an inch in diameter-- what one person could hold with thumb and forefinger. Be generous with your design. Add different color blooms, stem lengths, and varieties to make it your own!

There will be bees enjoying the lavender as much as you do! They are busy, so you ignore them and they'll ignore you. A gentle brush of the plant and they will move on to another spot. If you are allergic, please take extra caution during your u-picking session.

The weather forecast for June 13-14 is looking very nice (sunny and 75 degrees). What a perfect lavender day!

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