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Our Farm


We first fell in love with lavender while visiting out west and wished for our own patch of magic.  After a lot of trial and error, our dream has come true!

"Lavender In Bloom" first opened for U-Pick in 2018.  We have 11 varieties of lavender at this time and about 2,000 plants in all.  The English varieties we have are "Royal Velvet", "Folgate", "Melissa", "Buena Vista", "White Dwarf", "Royal Purple" and "Maillette".  Our French varieties are "Gros Bleu", "Phenomenal", "Grosso" and "Hidcote Giant".

We first distilled our lavender for hydrosols in 2020.  We loved producing this unique product in Central Kentucky.  Hydrosols were once considered the primary distillate of lavender and the essential oils were discarded as a byproduct.  Hydrosols have all the properties of the essential oil in a milder form.  The scent is slightly woodier and can be used as a body spray, facial toner, linen or room spray.  It's a lovely natural way to freshen your home.

The lavender will start to bloom around June 1st.  We will hold u-pick events and workshops throughout the month.  Follow us on social media for updates.

We will be open for limited hours during the blooming season for U-Pick and Photography Sessions.  

Our address is 426 McClelland Circle in Georgetown, KY -- on the bypass between McClelland View Subdivision and Payne's Depot Rd.  

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