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lavender in bloom       photography policy 2024


Friends and Family Photos (non-paid photographers)

We encourage you to take photos of family, friends, and our farm during your visit to “lavender in bloom” during normal business hours.  Everyone must purchase a field ticket (entry fee) and abide by all Farm Rules, listed below.


Professional photographers (paid photographers)

Professional photographers who want to use “lavender in bloom” for any portrait photography or commercial photography may do so as long as they abide by our Farm Rules, listed below. 

Portrait Photography includes, but is not limited to photographic sessions for high school seniors, engagement, family, graduation, weddings, etc.  Commercial Photography includes, but is not limited to photos taken for use in catalog, fashion, promotion, or advertisement in print or on social media.


The $50 fee must be paid up front for a 1-hour photo session reservation.

Farm Rules

You may only access public areas of the farm.  You may NOT enter any areas marked “Closed”, “No Access”, “Do Not Enter”, “Employees Only” or areas with working farm equipment.  Please respect the natural environment around the farm including all flowers, plants, and bees.  Use care and caution around landscaping and plants.


Always supervise children in the flower fields.  Unsupervised children can easily damage delicate flowers and plants.  No picked flowers are included in your photography session.  You may purchase u-pick bouquets in addition to your session fee. 


Multiple clothing changes on site are not appropriate as these may interfere with other guests.  Vehicles are not allowed in the field, barn or garden areas under any circumstances.  All props must be carried to your photoshoot location.  Props or equipment which cannot be easily carried, should not be used.  All props must be removed upon departure.  Pick up after yourself.  All trash must be removed from your photo site.

Absolutely NO PETS are permitted on the farm. 


The use of drones is strictly prohibited. 


All photos should be family friendly in nature.  No public area may be closed or blocked to other guests during regular business hours or during a photo shoot.  Please be courteous and polite to all staff, visitors, and guests.  You are responsible for all guests associated with your photography pass.  "lavender in bloom” reserves the right to halt any photography sessions deemed to be disruptive or inappropriate.  “lavender in bloom” assumes no responsibility for loss, theft, or damage to any equipment or belongings. Any unauthorized portrait/commercial photography sessions will be escorted from the property.


By purchasing the photographer's field pass, you agree to uphold all policies and farm rules stated above.   You understand that by violating any of the aforementioned policies or farm rules,  you may be asked to terminate my photography session with no eligible refund.

Photo & Location Credit/Social Media

Please tag us with at least one photo from your session.   @ilovelavenderinbloom /  #lavenderinbloom  /  #tulipsinbloom

Thank you for choosing us as your photography site and following our photography policy! 

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