Hidcote Giant is a variety of lavender that will grow up to 3 feet in height and diameter (or more) by its third year. Plant in well-drained soil with a handful of bone meal and/or lime to increase the pH.  This will stimulate root growth when planting.  Plant your lavender before Sept. 1st so it is well-established before the first frost, which in our area (growing zone 6b) is the 1st-2nd week of October.


It's one of the hardiest for our area and has done very well for us through cold, freezing winters as well as hot, humid summers.  No trimming is needed this first year. 


Hidcote Giant will bloom once a year in early summer and has a high oil content which is great to use in sachets and oils.  It's the perfect lavender for long-stemmed bouquets and for making sachet "wands".  You won't be disappointed!

Lavender Starter Plant - Hidcote Giant

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